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Since the early days, motorcycling has ran in our blood. Sweep was founded in 2001 and our main target has always been to provide high quality motorcycling apparel with competitive prices for all consumers, from beginners to professional riders.

Where does the name “sweep” come from? it’s a motorsports term. Sweep refers to the rider who has the most responsibility in a group, their job is to lead the pack and ensure everyone a safe and smooth ride.

Every single year our focus has been at developing and improving our product with new ideas and features in order to create innovative and fresh products for everyone to enjoy.

Experiences from the field drive us forwards. Listening to our customers all across the world and working closely with professional riders gives us valuable feedback to ensure we stay on top of our game.

Products that keep you safe. Tried and tested. Practical and long-lasting. Looking back to the early years it is obvious how much our products have improved and we will keep pushing ahead, to lead the pack.

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