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Born On Tuesday SDN BHD (1216699T)  is committed to providing the highest quality in the design, manufacture and distribution of apparel, footwear and protection for motorsports, action sports and leisurewear, in order to meet customer requirements, enhance customer satisfaction, generate new business and sales partnerships and retain existing ones.

Born On Tuesday SDN BHD Management considers the guarantee of quality and the continuous improvement of its products, services and quality management system as a priority and key strategic objective. In doing so, Born On Tuesday SDN BHD is in a position to respond to the challenges of its competitive markets and ensure the most suitable product to meet market needs and requirements.  

The company’s Management establishes goals, commitments, regulatory requirements and responsibilities and determines suitable resources for the attainment of objectives, defined by Born On Tuesday SDN BHD as the following:

  • to provide customers a product of consistent quality and ensure a satisfactory and positive brand experience
  • to provide the athletes the best product to achieve their sporting goals and offer a vital competitive advantage
  • to make quality the result of the joint responsibility of Management and Employees
  • to be a reliable and trustworthy supplier to associated partners, providing them commercially viable products when they need them
  • to adopt necessary control actions to guarantee economical and financial robustness and long term profitability

To achieve the above mentioned objectives, Born On Tuesday SDN BHD will operate according the following principles:

  • clarity in internal and external communication processes
  • attention and care in relationships with customers and associated partners
  • participation of all parties concerned: employees, suppliers, customers, sales partners and subcontractors
  • promotion of the growth and development of suppliers and subcontractors
  • organizational structure that is committed to growth, flexibility, participation and training of human resources
  • quality awareness and involvement of all stakeholders in quality improvement actions

As Born On Tuesday SDN BHD is distributor of several Brands, not produced nor manufactured by Born On Tuesday SDN BHD, the quality control and warranties are subject of policies, procedures and methods adopted by the Brand in question.

Born On Tuesday SDN BHD will only warrant products in accordance with policies and procedures of the product as per Brand in question been warrant their product.


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