“Born On Tuesday” draws literally inspiration based on an English nursery rhyme, which predicted the fortune for children based on the day they were born. Core member of the Born On Tuesday Racing SDN BHD, are all born on Tuesdays, making the name “Born On Tuesday” naturally appealing.

Inspired by youthful years spent in competitive motorcycling in Finland, BoT began incorporating motor biking equipment and attire in 2017. Malaysia’s motorsports landscape has evolved into a popular hobby in Malaysia, with many private track days in Sepang and weekend motorsports club activities. Competitive motorsports are gaining popularity and support, with several Malaysians taking podium spots in international motorcycling competitions series, such as MotoGP and WSBK and ARRC.

Born On Tuesday launched its online website, selling motorcycling equipment and attire, with its first collaboration with SWEEP FASHION. Its objective is to provide greater biking experience for all biking enthusiasts, through high quality and safe biking gears… and who knows, what other grand adventures will sprout from this?


The brand name originates from motorcycling term ”Sweep” which means the rider in the group that has most experience and reliability. Sweep is the one whose job is to ensure everyone else a smooth and safe ride all the way.

Looking back to the early years it is obvious how much our products have improved. During these years we have had the opportunity to work closely with some of the best riders in the world. Together with the riders we have won championships on national and international level. Co-operation with the professional motorcyclists gives us valuable feedback on how our products serve our clients even in extreme conditions. This ensures that we will always stay on top of the development and will be able to provide our clients with up to date, practical products and what is most important, products that will keep you safe.